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Unlocking Your Real Greatness.


We are a team of experienced facilitators and coaches dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations thrive together by helping them connect to their innate greatness and putting it to work.

Transformation through Connectedness

We support clients providing connected team and culture development, executive coaching and key notes, in addition to assisting in initiatives for societal evolution.

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We help organizations to evolve their culture by creating clarity about where they aspire to go, and by building role models, coaches and systems that catalyze people being energized to work the new way.

We work with clients individually to help them connect to their calling and use every challenge as an opportunity to help them grow more into what makes them great.

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Connectedness Key Notes

We deliver powerful speeches at conferences and other events that help audiences become energized, more connected to themselves and each other, more open to discovery and ready to commit to the next stage of learning in their career and life journeys.

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“This work has produced a level of transparency and trust we had never before
seen on the team.”

John Rex

Former CFO Microsoft North America

Connectedness Podcasts

We host the Rooted & Unwavering podcast where we have conversations with leaders from all walks of life about courageous connectedness. We also host the Connected Teamwork podcast to share how teams develop and maintain a strong foundation of truthfulness, care and service.

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