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Thriving Together

Unleashing the Deeper
Levels of Group Intelligence

"How do I build a high performing team that people want to stay part of?"

"It’s about Courageous Connectedness."


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Having worked with hundreds of teams over the years, we noticed one component that helps great teams succeed and last – it is their connectedness with their authentic selves and each other. It goes beyond IQ and EQ. We call it:

Connectedness Quotient

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Connectedness Foundations

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Connectedness fosters relationships between team members through honest, heartfelt and brave conversations and deep generative listening and sets the team up for stronger alignment, higher trust, empathy, collaboration and impact.

Developing deep connectedness breaks through the rigidities of the individual and team mind and allows for team intelligence to flow freely.


12 Team Defining Moments

We coach teams through 12 core moments to build greater connectedness.
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Our clients are saying...

"[...] through this open and honest
way of engaging with us, people dare to look deeper at themselves, connect more authentically with each other, and give direct and caring feedback."


CEO of the Trimbos Institute

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