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Our Approach

We are here to help all of us tap into our innate potential and put it to work. We do so by taking you through a journey that integrates self-reflection, coaching, peer dialogue, deliberate practice and online gaming. We work online, in-person and hybrid to help you become more grounded in your true self(I), more connected to others (We), and more impactful and effective (It). Throughout our work we help you develop multiple dimensions of leadership, including the cognitive, emotional, somatic, systems and energetic aspects.

After a Mirror Assessment, in which we help you set your goals for the development journey, we typically guide you through the following stages: Leading Self, Leading Together, Leading Others & Leading Systems.

Our Passion Is Your Greatness

Leading Self

Learn how to recognize and apply your innate strengths and potential.

What is my challenge?

What is that I intend to learn?


How am I growing?

What patterns am I ready to transform?


How do I apply my innate strengths?

How can I bring more of my uniqueness to the fore?

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Leading Together

Increase interdependence and trust.

What is our unique purpose together?

What would happen if we didn't exist?

How do we grow as a team?

What mindsets and behaviors do we intend to do less of? More of (“from-to’s”)?


How do we thrive as a team?

How do we build on each other’s strengths and preferences?

Leading Others

Develop capacity to unleash the potential in others.

How do we support others?

How do we coach, give feedback and hold others accountable?


How do we use conversations as growth opportunities?

How do we have powerful conversations that are equally honest and respectful?

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Leading Systems

Create an ecosystem for learning and the new way.

How do we inspire one-to-many?

How do we model and tell the story of the new way that creates energy in the organization?


How do we grow as an organization?

How do we embed an evergreening learning culture in the system?

12 Principles

Throughout our work, we apply the following principles:

1. Make it short and simple.png

1. Make it short and simple

People have a lot on their plates already. We support people’s growth through simple, yet profound conversations and exercises that people tend to keep using, years after they were introduced to them.

4. Keep it real.png

4. Keep it real

We always start with what is really happening in people’s life and business. That becomes the impetus for doing the leadership and team development work. Working with people on their lived challenges increases motivation to grow and evolve.

2. Learn by choice.png

2. Learn by choice

People learn little when they are told to. They learn much more when they really want to. We help people ignite their own fire for learning, by not forcing anything. We also call this LOVE: Letting People Voluntarily Evolve.

5. Be compassionate.png

5. Be compassionate

Everyone has good reasons for being and doing the way they are now. We are not here to prove them wrong. We here to help them acknowledge and accept where they are coming from and discover new ways of being and doing they may choose to try on and commit to if it aligns with their core.

3. Hold up a mirror.png

3. Hold up a mirror

We ask people to draw their own conclusions on their strengths and opportunities. We don’t prescribe anything. We help them by using ways of interacting and tools that help people naturally become more self-reflective.

6. Help people help each other.png

6. Help people help each other

People tend to learn a lot from each other, especially from the stories they share and the actions they witness. We create space for deep, transformative conversations to happen routinely.

7. Find the collective why_ become together.png

7. Find the collective why; become together

 People grow faster in community and even more easily when they share a vision of who they wish to become together. With teams and organizations, we create a collective why (in from-to’s) at the outset of the work.

10. Work together.png

10. Work together

We will be much more impactful when we stay close to the day-to-day experience of the organization. In team and culture development work, we work closely together with a V-team and others in the organization, to identify the issues and opportunities, and to design, plan, execute and adjust the work.

8. Generate energy that lasts.png

8. Generate energy that lasts.

We intend for people to find more energy by doing this work. We do so by helping people become aware and let go of the beliefs and fears that block their innate energy.

11. Be humble.png

11. Be humble

We fail and learn. We will learn much more than we can imagine now. We adjust and iterate as we go along to help realize the vision. We are not about being right. We are about being of service in everything we do.

9. Steadily build momentum.png

9. Steadily build momentum

We support people to gradually and naturally find their way with the new way of being and doing. Some people will go first, others will take some more time. With an attitude of unconditional support, we build energy for the new way. 

12. Have Fun.png

12. Have fun

Doing this work together is such a meaningful experience, one that many people get to experience never or very few times in their lives. We love this work and we find that bringing joy and enthusiasm to it makes the whole journey that much more impactful and fulfilling.

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