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Taming Your Crocodiles

"Taming Your Crocodiles is groundbreaking, not only because of its structured methodology but also for its courage in calling out the issue of fear itself. I can speak personally and freely on this topic because this work has liberated me to lead more fearlessly at Microsoft and beyond".


- Toni Townes-Whitley,

Board Member, Nasdaq, former President, US Regulated Industries, Microsoft

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Taming Your Crocodiles Practices

"Being human, we continue to experience fear in ourselves and through our colleagues, and therefore we need ongoing practice and support. That’s why I am so excited about the rich resources and exercises in this book Taming Your Crocodiles Practices".


- Rene Yoakum,

Chief Customer & People Officer, Remitly

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Book Trailer

"Taming Your Crocodiles is a daring and important addition to the field of leadership development. It's personal, provocative, and practical. It challenges us to become radically honest with ourselves about who we really are and how our learned crocodilian fears are holding us back from who we can be. And it provides an inspiring, well-structured path to help us coach ourselves and others to let go of our crocodiles and lead from a place that realizes much more of our true potential."

- Vijay Govindarajan

Coxe Distinguished Professor, Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business; Marvin Bower Fellow 2015–16, Harvard Business School; New York Times, Wall Street Journal bestselling author


Taming Your Crocodiles

What does it take to become a great leader? True leadership means freeing yourself from false, mostly borrowed constraints, charting a purpose-filled path based on values that reflect who you really are, and inspiring others to do the same. Before becoming a coach to CEOs and other leaders worldwide, Hylke Faber, author of Taming Your Crocodiles: Unlearn Fear & Become a True Leader Leader (Ixia Press; 2018), had his own transformational journey, stepping back from a high-stress career as a strategy consultant in New York City and almost becoming a monk in order to discover a more holistic approach to life. This book distills his experience into a guide that will help you grow into the leader you really are by transforming your "crocodilian" fear-based conditioning into "owls" – mind-sets and behaviors that reflect your true essence.

In this bold, comprehensive book, Hylke offers practical advice for coaching yourself and others, both one-on-one and one-to-many, influencing the people around you to evolve their mind-sets and behaviors to a more authentic place. Every chapter includes tools Hylke has successfully used in his work that you can apply to become a more truthful leader, both at work and at home.

With Taming Your Crocodiles, you can learn how to let go of fear, unlock your potential for growth, and foster a supportive environment for your team, in which presence, learning, contribution, and excellence merge. Some of the methodologies include:

AWE: Always Willing to Evolve
LOVE: Letting Others Voluntarily Evolve
SUCCESS: Be a Samurai, Unite, Center in purpose, be Curious, Extend contribution, Sense your environment, and be Simple

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