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What helps leaders and teams grow and perform consistently?

It’s how deeply they are connected to their authentic selves, each other and their purpose.

Learn from experts

During this 2-day online summit we learned together with leaders from all walks of life how we can build Team Connectedness Quotient (CQ), making use of every moment as an opportunity for team learning, cohesion and impact.

The Speakers

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Hylke Faber, CEO of Growth Leaders Network, master coach and award-winning author, and Carson Heady, Best-Selling Author and Microsoft Director & #1 Social Seller, will lead the summit and be joined by 11 seasoned global leaders:

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Jen Waltz.png

Murray Sales

Senior Managing Director

at Medtronic

Vignesh Shetty

Senior Vice President

at GE Healthcare

Matt Oppenheimer

Chief Executive Officer

at Remitly

Jen Waltz

Vice President

at Kron

Jill Meyers copy.png

Stephen Oommen

Vice President

at Outreach

Jill Meyers

Senior Leader

at Genuen

John Rex.jpg copy.png

John Rex

Executive Coach, former CFO of MSFT North America

erwin copy.png
Yvonne copy.png

Yvonne Higgins Leach

Former Boeing Communications Leader

Eduardo Baez.png

Eduardo Baez

Immediate Past President for the National Sales Network NY/NJ

Christine Linde.png

All speakers are expressing their personal views. They are not representing their companies.

Help your team thrive

During the summit we will explore the 12 Team Defining Moments and how we can help our teams build connectedness through each of them.

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Watch Replay

Learn about the 12 Defining Moments from Leaders of all walks of life.

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