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Jenny Lai

I combine my passions for energy healing, meditation, yoga, and coaching to help leaders realize their full potential.

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Leadership & Positive Intelligence Coach | Energy Healer | Yoga and Meditation Facilitator | Community Builder


My Soul’s purpose is to help develop conscious, holistic leaders.


As a child, I was fascinated with personal development, how can I be a better person? How can I lead positive change in the world? 


My career journey began at The Boeing Company, exploring different business roles. On my free time, I gravitated to leadership and mentoring programs to help develop my peers. One day, while driving to work, a deep wish emerged “I wish I had more time to focus on developing others” And then a lightbulb went off in my head! Could that be a job?


A year later, I left my finance job to study leadership development at UCLA Anderson School of Business. During that time, I was introduced to yoga, meditation, and energy healing.


When I returned to Boeing I got to my wish: spending my days in talent management, leadership, and employee development. Now on my free time, I was delving deep into the ancient teachings of meditation, energy, and spirituality. I was fascinated how the teachings helped me regulate my emotions, sharpen my mind, improve my mental and physical well-being, and overall become a better person and leader. 


In early 2020 I began my work with the GLN team. During the early stages of the Covid crisis, after experiencing burnout several times, I felt a deep calling: It was time to fully live out my soul’s purpose and combine my passion for developing business leaders with my work in meditation, energy healing, and spirituality.


At the end of 2020, with encouragement from the GLN team, I founded Embodied Leadership Flow, combining my passions for energy healing, meditation, yoga, and coaching to help leaders realize their full potential by leveraging energy techniques of ancient teachings. I also began to work at a small video game company called Camouflaj as the Director of People and Culture where I have the honor of helping my teammates grow professionally and personally. I completed my coaching certification with InviteCHANGE. I am a Positive Intelligence coach, a certified yoga instructor, and a Pranic Healer.


I now spend my free time hanging out with my boyfriend, fitness activities, singing, reading, and volunteering with the Pranic Healing community. I am still fascinated with personal development and aim each day to be a better person. I enjoy collaborating with like-minded souls at GLN and beyond to lead positive change in this world.  

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