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Coming up August 12

Monthly Leadership Conversation about Courageous Connectedness


Register here on LinkedIn Live for the upcoming Rooted & Unwavering Podcast on August 12, 9 am PT, with Rene Yoakum, Chief Customer & People Officer at Remitly about how we can stay connected to our deeper values, wisdom and compassion, also in the midst of complex leadership challenges. Remitly is the largest independent international money transmitter in the USA, serving immigrants around the world to help them digitally send money quickly and easily back to their home countries and families

Peace, Compassion, Wisdom, Purposefulness, Creativity and Strength come online in us when we deeply connect with the true, unwavering greatness that lives within ourselves and others. In this podcast and radio show, Hylke Faber engages in deep inquiry with leaders from all walks of life about courageously connecting with our true selves, others and the world at large.

How do we stay connected to our true selves and our greatness, especially when we are challenged? How do we rest in the heart, also when our mind keeps us restless? What becomes possible when we truly stay committed to our own and others’ best selves, also when we don’t feel it? How do we practice staying connected to our true selves, in the midst of our busy lives?

Join us and leave inspired to act on your heart’s greatness and that of the people around you.