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Olena Sergeeva

I have had a rich set of personal transformational experiences in my life.

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From 2016 I have worked on a variety of coaching journeys with business and non-profit organizations, including improving organizational results, changing the culture, developing team dynamics, enhancing engagement and satisfaction, and building a particular set of leadership skills, be it communication, emotional intelligence, helping others to become the best they can be.


I have had a rich set of personal transformational experiences in my life that I draw from in my work with clients. In the beginning of my career in 1992 I worked for the US Peace Corps in Ukraine as an Education Program Manager. This required fast transition from everything I was taught before in the totalitarian culture of the Soviet Union to the new values and skills needed in a democratic and cross-cultural environment. I became interested in sustainable development, and this stimulated my curiosity about the world and my place in it. This led me to pursue a second master’s degree in the US at Rutgers University in 1997.


My return to Ukraine a year later coincided with Mary Kay Inc. opening a subsidiary there, and having been hired as a Marketing and Sales manager, I soon became a Country Director responsible for launching and managing operations for this global company in Ukraine.


The next 10 years became a time of challenge, achievement, and growth. The intense executive experience in a global company presented me with unique advantages. I lived through the daily challenges of being a manager in charge of projects, budgets, and teams. I learned to work with the complexity of being responsible for the operational aspects of a business, its financial results, and its assets.


Throughout this time, I developed my skills and an appreciation for working with people and helping them grow. I served as a mentor and a leader for the employees and for the members of the salesforce, both in Ukraine and in other markets. I have been listed among Ukraine’s Top 100 Managers and was a co-founder of the Ukrainian Direct Selling Association as well as a Chairperson of its Board. The experience of being a top manager has provided me with a practical context for my coaching interactions.


Finally, I have developed deep knowledge and experience in facilitating learning, development, and behavior change. I have Master of Education degree from Rutgers University, as well as certifications in coaching from Coach Training Alliance, and in HR as a Senior Professional in HR International, from Human Resource Certification Institute. I have completed a number of leadership programs and learned a lot from the individual coaching that I accessed at different stages of my career.


In addition, I have over 12 years of experience as a consultant, trainer, and teacher in leading MBA courses in Leadership, Organizational Behavior and People Management and designing and delivering leadership development programs which involve assessment, training, action learning projects and coaching.

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