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Chloe Dawson

Dr. Chloe Dawson

Talent Development Coach | DEIA Strategist | Digital Learning SME | Learning Experience (LX) Engineer & Researcher

I knew very early in life that I wanted to be the type of person who could move the hearts and minds of people for positive change. This resolve served as the core of my purpose for most of my career as I strived to transform my skills to meet the needs and nuances of the ever-evolving human experience. However, the more I came to know about people, the more I realized the immense power found in not just moving hearts and minds, but grounding them in the authentic exploration and transformation of self and system.

Over the past decade, I’ve served as an award-winning coach, talent advocate and experience curator. I’ve leveraged my academic qualifications, which include a Doctor of Education in Organization & Leadership and an Education Masters in Adult Learning & Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University, along with a variety of leadership and coaching certification accolades, to critically explore, redesign and drive agentic learning-based behavior change for over 150 industries. When I’m not supporting the transformation of others, I love to be transformed by the arts, which I actively channel as a lifelong learner and adversary to complacency. Some of my favorite experiences have been chewing on honey sticks walking the streets of local and international town squares with family and friends, time ripping at the seams as we attempt to use every waking hour to learn more from local historians and artists and do more by supporting cultural traditions and celebrations.

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I enjoy connecting and supporting others in their growth journeys. You can contact me here

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