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Rick Gage

Coach & Facilitator

My passion is unleashing human potential in the workplace and beyond
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Executive Change Agent | Architect Builder of Culture & Community | Leadership Coach & Facilitator


My passion is unleashing human potential in the workplace and beyond. Very early in life I got to see truly transformational leaders up close and personal. I became fascinated by the powerful impact they had in the lives of people around them. Since early elementary school I have aspired to be a leader who makes a difference.

In school, I led informally and as an elected student leader. A book about servant leadership was a key influence that shaped how I have approached the role of leader. That passion carried forward into the majority my career where my greatest fulfillment was the positive team environment I could create for my team.

I’ve had the opportunity to lead in some of the great global companies of our time over the last 40 years. Working for companies with deep roots in Japan, Germany, India, France and the United States gave me an appreciation for the powerful role culture plays – both within an organization in the society that surrounds the organization.

After climbing the corporate ladder there came a point where it all shifted for me. What had driven me up to that point no longer seemed to matter. An extended sabbatical gave me the chance to think deeply about what I wanted to do and more importantly who I wanted to be. From that time forward I have been moving into deeper and deeper alignment between my work with who I authentically am.

My father taught me very early that with privilege comes responsibility. I’ve worked hard to use my voice to amplify the voices of those often not fully heard. Advocating for women is something I’ve been doing my whole life. Accepting and celebrating difference has always been easy and natural for me. I just love people. And in recent years, I’m humbled as I learn about the ways I still fall short and how much more there is to do for people of color and all marginalized communities.

My work now with Growth Leaders Network provides such rich and rewarding opportunities to engage deeply with clients who want to grow as leaders, build stronger teams and transform workplace cultures. Beyond GLN, I also am honored to lead mindful communities like the Organizational Mindfulness Network (OM Network) and support transformational teams like the one at A Human Workplace. In all of these ways I can help create the context in which every person can thrive.

Beyond work, being with my sweetheart and six grandchildren is what brings me joy. I’m working to see the world through the wonder of a child’s eyes and the wisdom of grandfather eyes.


I enjoy connecting and supporting others in their growth journeys. You can contact me here

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